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Who We Are. Riserva Grande, info on our Agency.

For many years our agency has been promoting wines and products of the highest quality in the roman area.

It is possible to taste wines and products from the companies and wineries we collaborate with by attending the events we arrange, not just in Rome, but wherever requested.

For several years, in association with Associazione Enoclub Siena, Riserva Grande has been arranging very well known and important events in the area: Sangiovese Purosangue and Nebbiolo nel Cuore.

We dedicate a significant part of our time to wine tasting classes. From the very basic tasting to more professional courses you will be able to learn how to taste wine properly and how to deeply enter this world while experiencing the emotions it provides.

In addition, we arrange many winery tours so you can get to know both big and small wineries.

All the members of our team are expert professionals who have been working in the wine industry for a long time. They have competency at all levels.

For information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Wine Tasting Workshop in 3/4 lessons.

Wine tasting workshop in 3/4 lessons.


Three exclusive nights to learn the basics of wine tasting.

In a fourth night, we will cover the technique of pairing food and wine.




A dive into the senses!

Discover the pleasure of giving a name to the emotions you feel while tasting a wine in its fundamental aspects and learn the basics of a correct organoleptic analysis.

The workshop will focus on several further topics: wine selection, choosing the correct glassware and the service style.


1.Introduction to wine tasting. Visual Analysis. Limpidity and colour of wine: a pleasure to the eye.

2.Olfactory analysis. Intensity and complexity of wine: a wide range of aromas and scents.

3.Taste analysis. Amplitude and depth of wine. The pleasure of wine tasting.

4.Food and Wine pairing. The third flavour: a love match between food and wine.

At every meeting we will taste two different Italian wines.

The fourth lesson concerns food and wine pairings.

The full immersion option, held during weekends, is available only in the four lesson formula.

Wine Tasting Class: ABC DEL VINO in 8 lessons.

Wine tasting class: “ABC del vino” in eight lessons.


Riserva Grande’s bestseller. The class aims to provide a complete knowledge of the basics in order to take the first steps to move in the world of wine.

Primary objective of the course:

Introducing the main aspects of the wine, with particular emphasis on the Italian vines and the different regional characterization of wine as well as the extraordinary richness of the varieties that have no parallel in the whole world.

Knowledge of the main international grape varieties

Giving the participants some practical means with the purpose of understanding and assimilating the most important characteristics of a wine, in order to be able to critically select it, preserve it, serve it, and finally taste it.

At every meeting we will taste three top national and international wines.


1.Introduction. Italian varieties and designated origin: igt, doc and docg. Champagne toast.

2.Introduction to the sensory analysis. Colours, spices and aromas. Visual and Olfactory analysis. 

3.Flavour of a wine. Taste analysis 

4.Viticulture and Oenology. Harvest and winemaking: a look around the vineyard and the winery. 

5.Sparkling wines. Champagne and other methods. A comparison between Champagne and Italian sparkling wines. 

6.Sweet wines. From the Moscato d’Asti to the Passito di Pantelleria. 

7.Italian wines. The most important Italian wines that have shaped the history. 

8.International wines. A look at international varieties with a particular focus on French wines.